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I’m so glad you’re here!

I am Roxana: a mother, a wife, an economist, a Makeup Artist, and a trainer. An economist with the soul trapped in the world of colors, a dreamer, and one of the luckiest women alive. And I say this because I worked hard to turn my dreams into reality, and I came to live everything I ever wanted.

My story. Makeup is my greatest passion, which I turned into a profession after I became a mother. With more than 13 years of experience in the beauty industry, I feel that I am changing the world around me through makeup. Moreover, for three years now, I am training new generations of professional Makeup Artists & beauty experts at Vanity MakeUp School & Avon Beauty Academy.

One thing you didn’t know about me? I got a master’s degree in Economic Studies, but along the way, I realized that my mission is different. So after giving birth, I embarked with an open heart for this new career and set up an art business, getting the chance to practice immediately after I finished my beauty training. Makeup is an area that requires continuous improvement, so I am constantly investing in my professional development to always be up to date with the latest techniques and trends in beauty. I love to offer my clients top-notch quality in terms of products and makeup processes.

My portfolio suggests the wide range of services I offer: in addition to the paintings I make on my clients’ faces – from event, corporate, film, photography, or commercial makeup, I also offer beauty training courses or masterclasses. I have extensive experience as a speaker so I can talk for hours about beauty!

You can find me a click away – on Instagram or Facebook, where I try to post as many pieces of my colorful life as possible.

Monica Bârlădeanu

After three years of working together, I can say that Roxana is one of the most talented and valuable make-up artists I have ever worked with. She manages to balance my features perfectly, and after she finishes my make-up I always feel like the best version of myself!

Vania Pierșinaru

5 years ago I was fortunate enough to work with Roxana for a corporate project - and I say good luck, because from that moment on she became an inspiration and a reference for me about what a beauty industry professional should look like. Her passion and dedication made me fall in love with makeup and even take a training course in the field.

Aprilia Ivănescu

Roxana is one of the most professional make-up artists I have ever worked with, and believe me, I have worked with many! From technique to attention to detail to punctuality, she ticks them all! Last but not least, she is truly an exceptional woman!

Olimpia Melinte

Roxana's hands are magic! Aside from the fact that she is an exquisite professional, she is also a warm soul with whom any make-up session is true relaxation. Thank you for the countless looks you have given me over time!


I am very happy that our wedding planner recommended Roxana as a makeup artist. I don't think I could have made a better choice, I communicated excellently. (...) The make-up from the rehearsal turned out excellent, and the one done on the wedding day came out identical. Roxana has a very light hand and is super attentive to details. For our event, in addition to me, Roxana made up my mother and godmother, as well as 2 other friends. All 5 of us were super excited.

Learn how to highlight your beauty!

Contouring remains one of the most used and sought after makeup techniques. Although it seems complicated, it is much simpler than you imagine. During the makeup & beauty courses I hold you can find out about how to highlight your features accordingly to your face type, and many other beauty secrets.

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